Sunday, December 7, 2014

Dear Christmas Warriors - A Christmas Letter

Dear Christmas Warriors, 

You know who you are. You're the ones on social media making sure everybody knows that it's not just a season or just any set of holidays it's Christmas with a capital CHRIST.
Can we chat for a minute?

                                             FYI: I kind of picture you like this

First, stop posting Facebook statuses claiming that Facebook is demanding that images of the Nativity be taken down. This is a rumour that started in 2012 and has no basis in any kind of reality. When I see posts like this ....

I always check with (a website devoted to debunking urban legends and internet rumours) to be sure that what I'm seeing is truth or random wackiness. Fortunately, this status is not true and unfortunately falls into the random wackiness category. Here's a quote in case you don't believe me 

"Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities requires users to agree they "will not post content that: is hate speech, threatening, or pornographic; incites violence; or contains nudity or graphic or gratuitous violence." Ordinary religious images do not meet any of these criteria and thus are perfectly acceptable for posting on Facebook. "

Don't perpetrate random wackiness on Facebook, use your noggin' before posting stuff like this. It makes you look dumb. Besides, Facebook is too busy taking down images of breastfeeding moms to take down your nativity pictures.

Now, I'm about to preach a bit, so you should probably strap yourself in.
I see a lot of this at Christmas time

And this 

This kind of stuff, especially, if you're a Christian isn't really cool and I'll tell you why.

We no longer live in a homogeneous country run by Protestant Englishmen or Catholic Frenchmen. We are a diverse nation, with many different people groups several of which share holiday space during the month of December. It's ok for our government to recognize that other people groups/religions or celebrate alongside Christians this month. It doesn't water down the message of Christmas or crush the freedom of faith that Christians have in Canada. What it does is show that our nation is kind, that we care about many, not just some and that together, unlike in other parts of the world where one religious group crushes the others, we can all enjoy our holidays.

Also, Christmas isn't going anywhere. Stop acting like it's about to be stomped out. Christmas has become a cultural as well as a religious observance. Tons of people who have never heard the message of Jesus, still put up a tree and pass out gifts. The thing is now, instead of it being government mandated that everyone know, understand and accept the Christian Christmas, it's up to the individual Christian to demonstrate why accepting the Christ of Christmas is a great thing to do.
These Facebook posts are a terrible way of letting people know you celebrate the Christ of Christmas. They're aggressive, kind of smarmy and sometimes make Christians look like paranoid wackos.

So maybe, ask someone what they're doing for their "holidays"  and tell them what you're doing for Christmas. And maybe when they mention that they're not doing anything invite them to a Christmas Eve service or your Christmas dinner (I find promising them cake is a great tool to get them in the door). Or maybe remember that the Jehovah's Witness/Muslim/Atheist/Jew/undecided person in the cubicle next to you doesn't celebrate Christmas, but they're getting time off work, so they are in fact getting holidays, so, wish them Happy Holidays. It doesn't make Christmas less, it makes kindness more! Which is really what Christmas is all about, right? Right!

1 Peter 2:1 So clean house! Make a clean sweep of malice and pretense, envy and hurtful talk. You’ve had a taste of God. Now, like infants at the breast, drink deep of God’s pure kindness. Then you’ll grow up mature and whole in God. 

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  1. I like what you're saying, and agree wholeheartedly, but I didn't see any reason to be strapped in or tied down or a need for any restraints at all.