Tuesday, December 24, 2013

At Just The Right Time

*Originally posted as a Facebook Note 12/19/13*

There’s a verse in the Bible that starts with “At just the right time…”
You might think that words this simple and seemingly mundane might not really carry a lot of weight, but for the past year these words have helped me to remember God’s faithfulness, His promises and have encouraged me to hope when I felt lost.

The words, “at just the right time, “ are taken from Romans 5:6, and are part of a point the  Apostle Paul is  making regarding God’s plan for the redemption of mankind. Although I’m incredibly thankful for redemption, that’s not the main reason these 5 words spoke to me this past year. What spoke to me (still does) was the idea that God has things in store for me, good things that will be mine at just the right time.

It’s kind of abstract I guess,  so let me try and break it down for you.

In March this year I lost my job. It was sudden, unexpected and, without being a bit melodramatic, a crushing blow to my confidence, my family finances and my sense of self and security. However, financially the job loss came at a time in which a student loan I hadn’t been expecting to be be paid off for another 4 years was paid off. It came at a time when, between a small loan from my parents and my income tax return, we were able to afford, with $200 to spare, the new/used car we needed for Jeff to get to work. Then my severance came in and made it possible for us to stay afloat until the exact week my Employment Insurance kicked in.  

During this time, skills and talents that I hadn’t had the time to use while working full time were able to be used in some really cool ways. I got to write Sunday School curriculum that involved swords and catapults and that kids actually looked forward too. I was also able to renew friendships, spend the most amount of time with my son since I went back to work when he was 9 months old and just generally be available to help others and volunteer my time.

Then, when things started to look bad financially and the winter months with increased hydro payments and Christmas costs were coming up, I got a great job on only my third try out in the job market.

This doesn't even take into account all the timely words of encouragement and coffee dates that sprung up just when I needed them.

I’m not saying this period of time (March to late September) was easy, or that I was happy this whole time just skipping along like Ned Flanders quoting scrididdlely scripture and smiling like a psycho. What I am saying is that in looking back at 2013 I can very clearly see that God was faithful, that His timing was spot on. At just the right time He met my needs and the needs of my family. At just the right time, he encouraged me and bolstered my hope. At just the right time I was constantly reminded that I am important, favoured and blessed.

If you’re struggling, if you’re hoping and praying for something, if you’re lost,  your time will come just when it’s supposed to. Hang on to hope.

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