Tuesday, May 14, 2013

~Morning Conversations with Jacob~

Just a little bit of what we talked about this morning on the way to school. Welcome to hockey season in Canada.

Me: Hey Jacob, remember when you were talking to Opa right before bed and he told you the Leafs (check the link if you're not fluent in NHL) were up 4 to 1 over Boston with only 12 minutes left in the game?

Jacob: Yeah.

Me: They lost.

Jacob: Boston?

Me: No, Toronto.

Jacob: WHAAAAAT?!? But...but...how?
(His face was a mask of pure shock. It was awesome!)

Me: It's what they do, baby.

Jacob: But they had a 3 point lead and only 12 minutes!

Me: Yep and that's why your daddy and I aren't Leafs fans.

Jacob: But they were the greatest team ever.

Me: Like 40 years ago. I think your Opa was 11 the last time they won a cup.


Jacob: But you act like you like the Leafs at Uncle Byron's and you wanted them to win yesterday.

Me: First, everybody's a Leafs fan at Uncle Byron's.
Second, we always want a Canadian team to win the cup, but when it's the Leafs Daddy and I never get our hopes up.
We once watched them blow a 10 point lead. 10 points!

Jacob:Well then who do we cheer for?

Me: Not anybody really, we don't have cable so we don't watch the games...but let me tell you about the Montreal Canadiens......

Nb: Let's be honest, I only follow hockey at playoffs and I know that The Habs are done this season, but dude, the Leafs suck so bad. So bad.

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