Thursday, April 25, 2013

Best jobs ever?

So, I'm still unemployed, but it's cool.
I had an interview this week and between the preparation and actual interview itself I really felt confident about my skills and abilities for the first time since my unemployment began. I would have felt even more confident about myself if I had actually gotten the job, but I'm choosing the pull a Pollyanna and look for the positive (if you haven't seen this Disney Classic go watch it and come back. I'll wait............Ok, welcome back!).

Another positive thing about not getting this job is that it's opened me up to apply for what possible might be two of THE BEST jobs ever.
Check it out.


Seriously! Sign me up. I am ready to sample alcohol for money.
(Also, sorry the listings are so small.)

Where were these jobs when I was in university?
(Nb. So not me.)

These jobs made me laugh and sounded significantly better than the carnie job I saw in my first week of unemployment.
Just thought I'd share.

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