Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Jacob's Lego Star Wars Advent Calendat (2012) - Day 5

Welcome back to the blog posts with what my possibly be the longest tiles ever!

Today Jacob, who is very excited that I put his Lego Star Wars toys on the vast and mysterious Internet, got this.


Um...when I saw this I did one of those things parents do, I nodded and smiled and said, "That's nice honey" because frankly, I had no idea what this was. Then Jacob rolled his eyes at me and told me it was clearly a troop ship.

Well, ok then. I see. I see that Lego had some extra brown pieces left in their factory and put them in Day 5's little boxy window, but I do NOT see a troop ship. This is where my husband would point out that it should be called a "poop ship" because A. it's all brown and B. because it's a piece of crap. And he would be right.

Screw you Lego and George Lucas! Day 5 sucks and Han shot first!

Now, I'm going to go try to piece together my broken dreams while Jacob enjoys (because he loves it) his troop ship.


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