Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jacob's Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar (2012) - Day 3 & 4

Word up errybody!

It's time for day 3 and 5 of Jacob's Lego Star Wars calendar and can I just say that I kind of miss the Lego City advent calendars?  I mean, this is great, Jacob loves it and it was a gift, but overall I like the Lego City calendars better. You could actually build a scene. One year we had people skating, a snowman, a hot chocolate stand and lots of other recognizable stuff. The Star Wars calendars are great, but I'm not a die-hard Star Wars fan and I can't tell what everything is. And how are Jacob and I supposed to make a scene with a bunch of random spaceships? I don't know.  Just shooting the breeze here.

Monday Jacob got this cool catapult thingy that goes with his Gungan soldier. You remember the one that is NOT Jar Jar Binks.

Day 3 - Gungan Weapon Depot
Did I say catapult thingy? My bad. Apparently this is a Gungan weapons depot.  Silly me.

On day 4 we got a star destroyer. At least I can recognize this ship.  
Remember that time Han attached the Millennial Falcon to a star destroyer and then when the bad guys put out the trash Han and the gang just drifted off with it? Yeah, me too. 
Good times!

Day 4 - Star Destroyer

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