Saturday, December 1, 2012

Jacob's Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 1

It's time for Jacob's Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar - Day 1!
(Just so you know I totally say this as like a rocky, kind of theme song. It's pretty magnificent.)

This is Jacob.
There's a story behind the clip-on tie over the lapels, but that's for a different day.

Jacob's 7 and he loves Lego and Star Wars. Unfortunately, he loves the 3 new Star Wars movies, but I'm working on curing him of that horrible opinion. By working on it I mean that every time he mentions that he wants to watch one of these movies I begin a rage-fueled rant about George Lucas and his destruction of cinematic genius, how "Han shot first" and that Jar Jar Binks is possibly the anti-Christ. We all parent in different ways - don't judge me.
Fortunately for Jacob, my dad also loves Lego and for the last 4 years has seen fit to bestow a Lego Advent Calendar on his first grandson. 

I never did advent calendars as a kid so at first I didn't get the appeal, but over the last four years it's been pretty fantastic to watch Jacob get up and have little mini Christmases for 24 straight days.

Here's what Jacob got today.

I imagine for the next 24 days I'm going to say this a lot, but I have no idea what this is. Jacob says it's a submarine from Episode 1 - Phantom Menace and he's excited about it. That's what counts, right. So, yay weird submarine thingy!

Join us tomorrow for Jacob's Lego Advent Calendar - Day 2! [Cue screaming guitars and hard rock vocals]

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