Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey! It's November!!

Hey! It's November! And that means it's time for 2 of my favourite things; Mo'vember and NANOWRIMO.

Mo'vember is an initiative that raises money for prostate cancer research and men's mental health issues through the growing of moustaches. Men register individually or as part of a group to raise funds and then begin growing moustaches.

I've heard that there's all sorts of rules with Mo'vember like that you can't let your moustache touch any other facial hair or that beards and chinstraps don't count, but the overall vibe I get from guys involved in Mo'vemebr (known as Mo Bros) is one of fun and camaraderie.

I tried to put together a women's league this year, but I had a very hard time finding women interested in growing their upper lip hair. The ultimate kibosh was put on my Women's Mo'vember league by my husband who did not like the idea of me sporting a moustache, no matter how minuscule.

So if you see a dude with a sad, sparse moustache ask him if he's doing Mo'vember and then ask how you can contribute. Encourage his stache and tell him he's doing an awesome thing. If he's not doing Mo'vember maybe suggest that he has the perfect moustache for it and then run away. :)

For more information about Mo'vember go here.

NANOWRIMO, the National Novel Writing Month, began in 1999 in the San Francisco Bay area with twenty 21 people and since then it has grown in leaps and bounds. NANOWRIMO (pronounced NANO-RYE-MOE or so I've been told) is another one of my favourite November traditions.

The rules of NANOWRIMO are simple, register at, on November 1st began writing a 50, 000 word novel and at midnight on November 30th complete said novel. There are more rules, but that's the basic gist of it.

The official NANOWRIMO coat of arms. Notice the importance placed on coffee.
I tried doing NANOWRIMO a couple of years ago. It's a lot of freaking work! Essentially you need to start a story from scratch (them's the rules) and complete at least 1700 words a day if you intend on completing a 50, 000 word novel by month's end. I felt like all I did was come home from work every day and then hide in my room and write. I got to about 12, 000 words in my Paranormal Romance entitled The Immortal Highlander goes to the Faire before I dropped out. This year I've been asked by over 6 people if I'm trying again. People remember if you start an endeavour like this and they're genuinely excited for you.

Now, I may not have been cut out for NANOWRIMO, but it's so exciting to see a wave of of literary creativity throughout the month of November. I have well over a dozen friends, Internet buddies and clients taking part in NANOWRIMO and it's exciting to listen to their dreams for their novels, read tweets about their struggles and follow their word counts. Today's November 5th and already the NANOWRIMO website is reporting a collective word count of 598,141,628 for this year's event. That's crazy!

If you have a friend doing NANOWRIMO consider buying them some coffee, making a casserole for their,  inevitably starving and neglected family, or just lend them an ear so they can hash out some ideas for their Paranormal, Steampunk (with a hint of Gaslight) Contemporary Inspirational Romance novel that takes place in Spain or whatever. :)

So, those are 2 of my favourite things about November. What's yours?

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