Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Internet & I Are Friends Today

Sometimes, when I'm surfing the Internets (as the kids say) I feel like the whole thing is run through with meanness and drama, kind of like butterscotch ripple ice cream, except the butterscotch is gross and makes you feel bad about yourself or whatever.

Today though, was a good day for the Internet and me. Let me show you...

First, I discovered that you can find all sorts of original Sesame Street videos on Youtube. I spent the better part of my morning fondly reminiscing about sitting in front of the floor model television counting and learning Spanish from super cool puppets and animation with awesome music. Observe...

How about another?

Now, I bet you feel happier and maybe just a bit smarter. I did.

Second,  I sent a mindless Tweet out about my love for Oikos brand Greek yogurt in Key Lime flavour. I do this sometimes, it's nothing major just letting people know if I find something good. This yogurt is good and I totally recommend you buy it. Get Key Lime though, I can't attest for the other flavours.
I digress.
The people at Oikos Tweeted me back (Twitted me?). How cool is that? I mean it's not earth-shattering or really that important but it's fun and it made me smile.

Look! I even got a picture of John Stamos (who looks so much better without the mullet) with some yogurt.
Then, because getting a John Stamos infused shout-out from a yogurt company isn't good enough, I won a contest and got a free book.

Author Jocelynn Drake is one of the authors of an Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance anthology and she asked on Twitter for pictures of people's favourite Halloween costumes. This is mine...

I saw this on Pinterest about a month ago. It's called "Slutty Ghosts". Now, considering what most adult Halloween costumes look like I found this hilarious. I submitted the picture as my favourite costume and I won! Woo Hoo!

Cool, right? Right! Free book for me!!

And last, but certainly not least, I saw this...

You're supposed to sing it to the tune of that [obnoxious, but catchy] song "Call Me Maybe" and I intend to, like at least once a month or so. It's kind of lame and not the most intellectual of humour, but it hit me at the right time and made me laugh right out loud, which confused Jacob and made him ask me what I was laughing about. Since I didn't want to explain woman issues to the wee boy, I simply told him that the Internet was making me laugh.

Thanks Internet for a good day!

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