Wednesday, March 21, 2012

March - It's Been a Freaking Rollercoaster!

I like the month of March. I really do, but this year it's been a roller-coaster filled with amazing highs and really sucky lows.
Here's what's been going on.

If you follow this blog you know that my husband Jeff had his birthday. We had a great time celebrating with his family. Yay birthdays!!

Jacob caught some weird, rashy, fever, snotty disease that we think was Fifths Disease. While my family and I freaked out he wrote a song about it! Then he got better over March Break and now he's sick again. My sister in law wants us to have the house checked for black mold I want to ask her where she got her medical degree and if she'll be paying for the tests. My sister in law is wonderful but having a sick kid makes me mean.

I realize that kids catch things and that this year he's been less sick than last year, and last year he was less sick than the year before that. Kids are just filthy, germ sharing gremlins and unless I stick my kid in a bubble (thought about it, but I'm sure he'd get methane poisoning - he could drop a horse with his gas) he's going to catch things. However, that being said, I don't think a person can understand the sense of panic a sick child can induce until they are a parent themselves. I'm so sick of waking up to check on him every time he coughs. This gets easier, right? Right?

The hub's and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.
I feel a huge sense of accomplishment. I feel proud. I feel like Jeff and I should be given a free pass to hand out unwarranted, obnoxious marriage advice.
I kid, but really, I could not ask for a better life partner and friend.

For the past 3 years the hubs and I have taken the week of march break off to run workshops and volunteer at Creation Force March Break Camp's annual camp. The camp is a faith based day program that specifically reaches out to families in the low income areas of my hometown. Approximately 80% of the close to 200 attending kids, age 5-12 are subsidized by charitable donations and those who aren't are only billed $45 for the week.  The theme of the camp is that each child was created special, with unique talents and gifts, for a purpose, that they are loved and that they are special. The Scripture that encompasses the camp's mandate is Psalm 139:14
I praise You, because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
Your works are wonderful, I know that full well!
Hubs runs a really cool percussion workshop and I put my all $50k of my history degree to good use by running the medieval times workshop. I spend the whole week building castles, teaching chess, sword fighting and designing catapults.  It's a very, very busy week, but it's a labour of love and very rewarding.

The Monday of March Break Camp my mom calls to let me know my Grandpa passed away.
In case I haven't mentioned it before I was never close with any of my grandparents and add to that the fact that my grandpa's been suffering from dementia for several years, so I am sad but not distraught. I am mostly sad for my mom.

That Friday Jeff and I got dressed up and drove 3 hours to Lakefield, ON, just outside of Peterborough. This is our trip in a nutshell.
  • Good driving!
  • Missed McDonald's for a pee break and stopped at The New Dutch Oven Restaurant on the 115N. If you don't know why this restaurant name is funny you need to go here and refer to point one. There food was really good, but Jeff said the graffiti and adjoining artistry found in the bathroom stalls was better. 
  • Funeral service was beautiful. My Grandpa was the kind of guy there was nothing bad to say about and he was wholly involved in his family, his community and his church. The service was filled with middle aged men he'd led in Scouting, Veteran's who'd likewise served, as he did, in WWII and young people to whom he'd served breakfast as part of a school initiative.
  • I hate bagpipes. It's not their sound, it's the fact that whenever I hear Amazing Grace played on the pipes I turn into a weeping mess. 
  • I found books! Apparently the church ladies at Lakefield United all bring in their used paperbacks and you can buy them for $0.25. So during the reception, when I wasn't jiggling babies or fighting with my sisters for the best mini sandwiches and sweet squares, the hubs and I bought $2.50 worth of books. 
  • Rain + Cemetery + High heels = Hilarity. Lakefield had had a huge storm the night prior to my Grandpa's internment so the lawn at the cemetery was pretty much like a huge, green, muddy sponge and my Grandpa's plot was in the back of the cemetery. Getting there was fine, I hung on to Jeff for dear life and only lost my shoe once. On the way back, however I was abandoned to fend for myself and began sinking. So, I removed my heels and sprinted (as much as a chubby lady in a pencil skirt can) across the cemetery  grounds. My mom says it made her day and was probably the funniest thing she's ever seen. That's me, comic relief. 
  • The drive back sucked.
  • All of my family has since gotten sick. I blame the church ladies and their delicious sandwich triangles.

My boss got married! On Saturday the 17th, St. Patty's Day, my boss got married in a beautiful ceremony. Jeff said he felt like he was on one of those wedding shows you see on tv, everything was so perfect.
It was a fantastic day spent with coworkers, old friends and two people who love eachother deeply. The food was great, everything was beautiful and somewhere out there is a picture of me doing the Cha Cha Slide. For your benefit and mine pray that that picture never surfaces - it's not pretty.
Ivo and Naomi 

I got sick and have to go back to work. BOO!!

As you can see the month of March has been a huge roller-coaster. At this point I'm ready for April because...DUUUUUUDE! I wanna get off !

Nb. Not me. Obviously.

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