Sunday, February 26, 2012

This Week In Crazytown (February 19-25, 2012) Moody Edition

It's been a bit of a moody week or so. Don't worry I'm taking my meds, the elderly and small children are safe and you don't have to lock up your kittens for fear I'm going to start kicking them , I'm just regular old moody for no specific reason at all.

Obviously, I haven't really felt inclined to write, but here I am and I thought I'd share with you the crazy things that make me moody. Not the big things but the little weird things that make me all snarly.

All the cool shoes have peep toes.
I have little stubby toes. My husband calls then Fred Flintstone toes, but I'm not sure what that means. Anyway, this means that when I put on a pair of open toe shoes it looks like I have no toes and that just looks weird.  Grrrr!

So pretty.  Maybe I can put them on a shelf like a piece of art.

Not being able to eat the very specific food I want.
Do you ever get the craving for something so specific you can taste it? Right at this moment I'm totally craving these excellent cherry-almond bars from the bakery down the street from my house (Carolyn's Bakery - Represent!!). I can taste them, but there's no way I'm going to get one today, so the taste is going to haunt me and in so doing make me moody.

American-made movies about WWII
Listen, I understand that the United States' participation in WWII was crucial to the Allies' victory, but at the same time it wasn't the only factor. I can think of at least 4 things right now that led to the end of WWII that had nothing to do with the USA (Hitler's move against the USSR, Mussolini's Death, Hitlers ill preparedness for and over-extension into USSR territory, overwhelming Nazi losses in Africa, Finland and Italy, etc).  Yet every American-made movie about WWII makes out as if without the US we'd all be living in the Third Reich, goose stepping and eating schnitzel. It makes me crazy!
Nb. This does not include The Great Escape. That movie is cinematic GOLD!

Late people/Being late
I work in an office that runs on appointments. If a client is even 5 minutes late the entire day can be thrown off. You think I'm exaggerating but I'm not. As you can imagine this has the potential to make me very moody.  As an observer of the evils of tardiness, I've become very conscious of arriving on time to things and it makes me all grumpy and mad when I think I'm going to be late for something or end up late to something.

Dropping things on the floor
Do you ever notice that when you're having a bad day everything seems to drop on the floor? This is probably because you're not yourself and you're all horrible and moody, but it still sucks and makes you even moodier.

Computers/technology in general
Nothing makes me want to become a Luddite and start getting all smashity more than being in a bad mood and having to work with computers, fax machines, printers, scanners or other pieces of office technology.
It's as if me being in a bad mood makes them work slower, jam, freeze or otherwise become useless. Someone should do a study on this.

Spongebob Squarepants
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea? I'll tell you who, probably the most annoying cartoon character ever invented. From his irritating laugh to his dumb as dirt pal Patrick I am always irritated with Spongebob. However, when I'm in a bad mood, he makes me CRAZY. My poor kid wants to watch his Spongebob DVD's and I have to explain that if he watches those mommy's head will explode and she'll start drinking straight from the bottle.

Plus size clothing
For my optimum shopping experience I need to be in a very zen state of mind. I must be at one with the universe and I should probably have a strawberry, banana, mango smoothie in my hand. However, this is not always possible. Sometime I have to buy a dress or heaven forbid a swim suit quickly and without the prerequisite 90 minutes of pre-shopping meditation.  This horrible experience is compounded by the fact that I'm chubby and therefore have to patronize plus-size stores or sections of stores. Nothing makes me see red like have to try on a shapeless, 100% polyester, tent that costs 3x as much as it's size 12 counterpart. It doesn't take long for me to start ranting about society's penchant for fat-shaming and how I don't think the fashion industry should be the ones to punish me for my general lethargy and poor eating habits. That's when the hubs usually pops out of nowhere, ushers me to the car, hands me some Kleenex and drives towards the nearest restaurant that sells milk shakes.

Please, please I so want to wear cheap fabrics covered in horrible patterns because I don't  have enough body image issues.

Now that I've mentioned all those things I feel better. Thanks for being a good listener. :)

What kind of things make you crazy when you're having an "off week"?


  1. Smokers in generally drive me nuts - they're aren't allowed to smoke inside anymore, so they create a Hazard Zone just outside the doors that I have to negotiate to enter or exit. On really bad days, the coffee pot ALWAYS takes too long to brew (need it NOW). And on the worst days, I can't stand public bathrooms - the toilet paper won't "roll"; the toilet paper is too flimsy/cheap; the water is too cold and won't adjust; the air dryer takes too long so I have to dry my hands on flimsy toilet paper that won't come off the roll! ARRRGGGH!

    Anyway, I hope next week is better for both of us!

    1. Oh we are on the same wave length.
      I hate the smokers' hazard zone! It especially makes me snarly when it's around the entrance to the hospital. And the 1 ply toilet paper in public restrooms is enough to make me get punchy.

      Hope you have a fantastic next week too :)