Saturday, December 24, 2011

This Week in Crazytown! Xmas ed. (Dec.18-24, 2011)

Hey! It's time for This Week in Crazytown and I'm doing a special Christmas edition, because the big day is tomorrow.
Buckle up and enjoy the crazy.

1. I have a thing for Colonel Sanders. You know, the old guy that started Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC). On my honeymoon I bought a Colonel Sanders bobble head and he still stands proudly in my kitchen watching over my blunderous attempts to be domestic.
Now, little did I know but the good colonel used to release a Christmas album every year. How cool is that? I would love to get my hands on a Colonel Sanders Christmas album and a record player, and a needle and some speakers and ....

2. I don't understand the appeal of nutcrackers. I understand that they've become synonymous with Christmas thanks to Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Prince ballet, but do people actually eat more nuts at Christmas? And considering most nutcrackers are decorative and completely nonfunctional, what's the point?  To each their own, I guess. If I was going to decorate with nutcrackers I'd have these 3. I totally dig the Viking.  

3. This year Jacob and I discovered the wonder of zombies. For some reason everything was about zombies. I had the weirdest moment in the liquor store when I had to tell my gorgeous son to, "stop shuffling or you'll break something" because he was zombie walking, arms out, mouth agape, mumbling "braiiiins". How many other mothers have these kind of conversations? 
As much as I love zombies I draw the line at adorning my Christmas tree with them. Check out these zombie-rific ornaments.
On the left, Mistle-TOE, get it? Get it? Bawahaha!

4. Our Christmas tree is not one of those pretty Christmas trees you see in department stores or in homes of people with good taste. Our Christmas tree has a toilet on it, Strawberry shortcake, Spider-man and a host of other cartoon or Disney ornaments. I love a creative, whimisical tree and I especially love these crazy Christmas Trees featured here. I think the shopping cart tree is my favourite. 
This is why my grocery store never has carts.

5. The church I'm attending had this great idea for a Christmas party. We broke off into teams and with 20 minutes and tons of delicious candy and gingerbread created a gingerbread nativity. Ours was a disaster, was dubbed "Jesus and the Temple of Doom"  and was so hideous that I won't show pictures. It got me thinking though, there's so many cooler things you can do with gingerbread than just making little men or gumdroppy houses. Here's a link to 20 Sci-Fi gingerbread creations. I'm especially fond of this gingerbread AT-AT and the Lord of the Rings creations. 
Look! Luke's hanging underneath. Use the force Luke! Use the force!

6. Since I didn't do the whole Santa Claus thing when I was a kid I have this weird relationship with the man in red. I'm maybe not a reverent as I need to be to a man who hands outfree  presents, but nonetheless I was tickled pink by these retro ads for cigarettes that used Santa and/or Christmas in general as selling point. For some reason the ones that talk about cigarettes helping to prevent "throat scratch" make me kind of sad.
Here's the creepiest of the ads. Check Santa out, there's no way I'd let my kid sit on that dude's lap. 
Is that a giant cigarette in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

7. As a Christian it irks me when communities try to rename Christmas trees into "holiday trees" or, using policy,  ban employees from saying Merry Christmas, but at the same time I'm equally annoyed by churches that think the best way to handle this silliness is by being antagonistic and confrontational.  This year, for me anyway, I've heard more people say Merry Christmas than anything else. It's about love and joy people, not meanness! Just saying.
I loved these memes I saw posted by people this year. They made me laugh.
For all my Jewish peeps!
For all my peeps who worship Norse gods or... who just like comic books.
8.Saw this picture of a hardcore Santa and thought I'd share.
How does the mohawk fit under the hat? Must be a Christmas mystery.
Well, I think I'm done. I hope that your Christmas is full of only the best kind of crazy.
Merry Christmas and happy holidays !

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