Friday, December 2, 2011

This Week in Crazytown! (November 28 - December 3, 2011)

Welcome to This Week in Crazytown, the November 28 - December 3, 2011 edition!
I'm hoping to make this a weekly feature of craziness from around my house and the Internet in general. If you see something crazy send it to me at sghorney [AT] gmail [DOT] com or leave something in the comments.

Are you buckled in ? Let's check out some crazy for this week...

1. Imma Gonna be FAMOUS!
Somebody let me set up a blog! The good people at Google set it up so just any old person could write a blog and post stuff online. Here's where I start stroking my moustache and laughing evilly.

2. Bananas Too Bold?
The bloggers at Book Riot tuned me into what has to be one of the worst cookbooks ever published. It's one of these so funny it's horrible things. I laughed, alone in my home, until tears ran down my face.

Be Bold With Bananas is a cookbook published in the 1970's by someone who was clearly a connoisseur of hallucinogenic pharmaceuticals. He or she must have been because I can think of no other reason that anyone would every create or consciously consume the abominations that are called meals in this cookbook.
Read more about Be Bold With Bananas, courtesy of the bloggers at Book Riot here, but in order to purge my mind of the horrible hilarity that is this book I leave you with everyone's favourite, banana-based Christmas treat.  Ladies and Gentlemen...the Banana Candle.
A banana upright in a pineapple ring, slathered with mayonnaise and topped with a lone maraschino cherry.  Commence barfing now.

3.  Zombie Attack Barbie
I love me some zombies. Not the scary, gory ones, but the kitschy, funny ones. Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland and even some of the 80's "Living Dead" films make me laugh my butt off. (*sigh* if only that was possible!).
So, I was tickled pink when I caught a glimpse of the 1950's Zombie Attack Barbie on Laughing Squid.
Seen here with her very own, pink camouflaged rocket launcher is Barbie ready to take down any zombies that come within 200 ft of her plastic Dreamhome even if it means shooting Zombie Ken (sold separately, of course).

I so want to be this Barbie when I grow up, disfigured body shape and all!

4. Jacob's Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar.
Never before have I seen a kid so excited for the first of December. Wow!
Up until Christmas I'll be posting pictures of Jacob's daily Advent treasure here on the blog.
Tell me you're not excited for Chewbaca?

5. The Retronaut
I haven't quite figured out what exactly The Retronaut site is but I do know that it's a glorious time-suck of historic awesomeness.
Essentially, The Retronaut details eras in the past through photographs and video.  There are collections of photographs of circus performers, old footage of The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parades, Videos of Soul Train Episodes, scanned images from Victorian magazines promoting weight gain (!) and tons and tons more.
Here's an example to give you an idea, but really you need to check this awesome site out.  Do it while you're at work it'll make you feel all illicit and stuff.
Ladies, is menopause getting you down?
Get rid of hot flashes the easy way with The Ice Cube Face Mask!
New from  Blinco.
So, yeah, that was some of the crazy from Crazytown. Tune in next week for more crazy. I have much more.


  1. The banana candle looks like a penis.

    And that mayo banana thing is a lie. Has to be.

  2. Of COURSE it looks like a penis! I wouldn't have posted it otherwise ;)Think of the statement that would make at your next family get-together.

    The writers at Book Riot said it was mayo. I kind of thought it looked more like royal icing, but honestly the less I think about that banana candle the better. *shudders*