Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On Being a Christmas Baby

In 5 days it will be my 32nd birthday. I am a Christmas baby.
I can almost guarantee that upon reading that I'm a Christmas baby you did one of two things. If you're like most people you thought, "Oh, that sucks." If you're like a very small group of people you thought, "Wow. That's awesome!"  If you were part of the second group you'd be correct. 

Growing up, at least for me, it was pretty awesome being a Christmas baby. My parents were super cool about it. On Christmas Day we did all the Christmas-y things; presents, church, tree; and turkey. Once that turkey was gobbled though it was all about me. Mom would bring out a cake, ice cream and birthday presents wrapped, when she could, in birthday wrapping paper. My parents did the exact same thing for me that they did for sisters on their birthdays, there just happened to be a decorated tree in the room for mine.

There are some downfalls of course, like the fact that when I was born people wanted my mom to name me something Christmas-y. Names like Mary (Merry Christmas), Carol (Christmas Carol) and Noelle were thrown around. Luckily, my mom is made of awesome and named me the name I've got now for a much nobler reason. I didn't have parties on my actual birthday, but I did have the around my birthday, Istill get Christmas cards with a hastily scrawled "and Happy Birthday too!" on them and usually by the time  June rolls around I'm desperate for presents, but nobody forgets my birthday. 

Overall, being a Christmas baby is cool. As a child I thought it was wicked cool that Jesus and I shared a birthday and people do try to make you feel extra special when you're a Christmas baby because they want to make sure you're not missing out due to all the hullabaloo and craziness surrounding Christmas.

 As a kid being a Christmas baby made me feel more special and as an adult it helps me to remember that Christmas isn't all about presents it's about unexpected joy, family and love.

Being a Christmas baby is pretty freaking awesome. :) 


  1. Yeah, and to make it cooler (for you anyway) you're the only almost 32 year old who still gets a birthday party thrown by their parents every year. Not jealous, just saying!

  2. Pfft! You love it. It keeps the fun (and food!) flowing all day long.