Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Christmas/Birthday Wishlist

Just in case you read yesterday's blog post and you're feeling sorry for poor little me and the fact that my birthday's on Christmas I thought I might make some gift suggestions.  You can always feel free to send cash, but  just in case you're one of those people who likes to shop, here's what i'm hoping for this year.

I LOVE BOOKS! You can always buy me books. If they happen to have a vampire or paranormal element of some kind and maybe a wicked strong, snarky female character that will probably make them better.

This gold plate necklace lets people know I'm married even when I've gained too much weight for my wedding rings to fit. 

I've never been able to pull off a fancy Christmas tree. My Christmas tree wants to rock!

What's better than a house that smells like maple syrup? I don't know. I just don't know

Hey you GUYS!! C'mon you know you want to drink something, anything out of a glass with Chunk on it.

Who doesn't want to look like they're part of a plundering hoard? No one. If the vikings aren't your thing you can try the Spartan, lumberjack, barbarian or even stubble-guy option. Be cool while you stay warm.

I would totally cook more if I had one of these! Absolutely!

Well, I'm sure I could find more, but that's all for now. Email me I'll give you my address and if you ship express this stuff might still get to me.
Hope you receive all the gifts you're hoping for this Christmas.

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