Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas with my Family

Nothing compares to Christmas with my husband and son, but Christmas with my family, my parents, sisters, their husbands and my nephew and nieces is another magical time. A time of happiness and wonder, a time of togetherness and love, and a time of eating till we're stuffed and then all falling asleep.

We all usually have a fantastic time, except last year, I gave everyone the flu....sharing is caring!

In my family are my parents who are still together after 30 years (YAY!!), my two younger (but not by much) sisters, the three husbands and our kids; Jacob (6), Sophie (2), Aiden (1) and Daelyn (6 months). Even though my sisters and I will all admit to being overly critical and uber-sensitive, we usually make it through the day in one piece and have fun doing it.

Here's how Christmas usually plays out at my family's.
  • We show up.
  • We unload gifts and all us sisters and husbands wave at each other awkwardly because we're weird about hugging.
  • We hug our parents and the kids get hugs and kisses. (See, weird.)
  • Dad cooks and bosses mom around the kitchen. She likes it and calls him "chef" all day (Barf!)
  • We watch a movie. Something Anime like My Neighbour Totoro or Spirited Away or one of dad's awful Errol Flynn-type movies. The best year was the year we watched Napoleon Dynamite and dad laughed so hard I thought he was going to stroke out and my mom kept telling us all day that her "lips hurt real bad".

  • We open presents with one person being the gift giver, because we didn't do the whole Santa Claus thing when we were kids, and one person being the garbage collector. This devolves into complete chaos. I blame the kids.
  • I beg for birthday gifts.

  • My husband falls asleep.

  • We wait for hours for food, not allowed to eat anything because dad thinks it will spoil our appetite.

    • We steal food from the kitchen and giggle hysterically. This probably a byproduct of starvation
    • Dad tries to get us to listen to German Christmas Carols.

    • We watch more stupid movies and pray that the kids will go to sleep
    • Mom brings out sugary treats for the kids. 0_o. 
    • The sisters and I eat said sugary treats and joke about how our maiden name means "likes to eat" in German.
    • Dad and 2 of 3 husbands play guitar. My dad's into the Beach Boys right now and is also learning the tab for Alice Cooper's Schools out for Summer. Nothing says Christmas like Alice Cooper!

    • We eat enough food to feed a small nation and all yell over each other over the table, laughing and giggling and inevitably throwing food and making off colour jokes, that eventually lead to my parents making off colour jokes which leads to deafening silence and indigestion.

    • My husband falls asleep.
    • We clean up and joke about which sister is the laziest of the lazy bones.

    Clearly, the one drying is the lazy bones.

    • We play board games. The Balderdash game of Christmas 2001-ish was particularly awesome as it eventually led to a full scale paper ball fight, complete with ducking and rolling.

  • We eat dessert because clearly we're not full enough. 

    • We go home fed up, exhausted and happy. (We still don't hug though)


    1. Lol, this is awesome, you guys need to hug though :)
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas this year Sara.

    2. LOL! We love eachother we're just all weird with the physical stuff.
      Hope you and Tiana have a great Christmas too.
      Don't be a stranger. xo

    3. Oh, Sara - you are so totally awesome and I love your writing (the pics you found just "top the cake"!) Keep it up, girl!

      PS - next time I see you, you're getting a HUG!

    4. I can see your dad and napolean d. relating rather well.